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These people call every day like clock work. So I pressed 1 and blasted my radio at em. I did work but it was funny. File a complaint with the 'National Do Not Call Registry' at the site below if you haven't already registered your land and cell lines, do it now; check separate registries in your state. This number called me fishing for personal info and told me I had won a trip to Honolulu. They said I had filled out a card at a movie theater to win 25 k or a car. It's a scam They said they were "escape vacations".

Some guy calling everyday to tell me I've won thousands of dollars and a new Mercedes if I send them money! Write "NO" to cancel.

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I received 2 text messages from this number today marked as high alert. It says to reply to stop the messages and then the second one says some charges may apply.

The are a legit collection agency! Have had several calls from this number over a period of time, never answer as I dd npot know who they were. Do not answer calls from people I do not know. If its important they will leave a message. The SMS can download malware onto your phone to copy your sim card so they can clone your account, to make calls at your expense ; photos to disguise their identities in criminal transactions or use in romance scams ; phonebook to scam your friends and relatives ; or bank information.

You could also find that you have been subscribed to a third-party provider unknowingly, that will send you premium-rate text messages with no posted link to unsubscribe.

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Your best defense is to delete the SMS without replying, and have your service provider block international calls, third-party providers and premium SMS. I get calls daily from this number and when I say Hello When I call the nuber back, 'It says Ducks Unlimited'. I don't knw why I keep getting these calls. Its a hoax,. This business appears to be a scam designed to prey upon desperate people who have foreclosure actions pending on their homes.

They are phishing for people through some kind of robo-calling system. I am getting calls stating they are a college , they are looking for an apartment on craigs list etc.. Different unprofessional people are calling from this number. Got a call from this number and I did not answer because I did not recognize the number.

Looking at other comments, I am glad I didn't!!!. Live female called saying i had searched for health insurance and even knew my name. I have never done any research or asked for any information! Called back later and got a recording. The ring back to the no. Ring once and then goes to Voice Mail I am getting a lot of rings with this no. They are also using the number to show on caller id.

Said he was John Woodard at ext Said the call was for personal business but wouldn't identify anything else. Another phony. Heald College, I entered my info into the "request info" section and within 15 minutes they called. Call not wanted. Rings two times and they hung up. Another pest evidently. Why do they do this? Surely they have nothing to gain. Is the problem with the number , or the number I've been getting unsolicited faxes which is costly for paper and ink.

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