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Access My Account Get information and ask questions about your case. Meeting Your Obligation See and hear a story on how parents work with us.

America's Job Center Info. Biennial Report Learn about our department's progress over the past two years and our vision for the future Our Commerce Office Moved.

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The Commerce Child Support office relocated to a new location on January 25, On occasion, a child support obligation is established through the Probate Court or through a Protection from Abuse order. An order may also be established for children within the Foster Care system. Learn more about DSER's order establishment services.

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  • Child Support Enforcement.

Learn more about the FPLS. Collecting Child Support for Families: If you request "limited services" from DSER, we will serve as a pass-through of the amount paid by the non-custodial parent and distribute it to you and your children.

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If you request "full services" through a non-welfare application PDF , DSER will perform all steps necessary to be sure that the ordered amount of support is paid and distributed to you. If you are receiving TANF benefits, we will collect child support and use it to reimburse the money sent to you through public assistance.

Some non-custodial parents send checks, money orders, or pay their support electronically , but collection of support is most often done through wage garnishment with the use of a federal income withholding order "FIWO". In cases in which the non-custodial parent needs extra encouragement to pay his or her ordered support, DSER has methods to compel payment. PIN Request.

Get instructions for requesting a PIN Number. Each step in case management works toward a single goal: getting payments for the child ren. View Case Information Online. Use our Online Case Lookup system to access your child support case information on the Web.


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More Services. Online Case Lookup. Non-custodial Parents. Upcoming Events There are no events at this time.

Setting up a child support account

Latest Press Releases. Feb 11 CSSD has launched an online survey to receive feedback from the community we serve.

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