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Grey reports that many couples find tools that they need to cope with and heal their relationships. John and Julie Gottman. You get lectures, role plays, special exercises, and more, overlooking the sea. This retreat is ideal for married couples who feel like their marriage is in trouble. The retreat has a two-part focus, the first day focuses on building friendship and intimacy. The second day deals with helping couples with conflict management and building their relationship through creating shared meaning. Every day couples will:. Groups are no more than six couples.

The Gottmans also offer private retreats with 'marathon therapy' which consists of five hours per day with one of the two doctors, for two to four days.

Why Attend?

The Sonoma Couples' Retreat is for couples struggling with relationship issues. This retreat is ideal for couples who really want to work on their relationship issues in a private setting. The retreat is only for individual couples, there are no group options.

Dinner is eaten in town. Customized programs offer experiential ways to move past stuck places, as well as guided activities to explore strengths and work through differences. There are no refunds if you cancel within 30 days of the retreat. Once you are married we encourage you one of our two marriage enrichment retreats, Cana Communication and Cana Commandments. Grow and nurture powerful and innovative communication skills.

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Share, with your future spouse, your emotional history to discover how your past influences your relationship today as well as how you want your relationship to be throughout your marriage. Understand the hidden reasons why you chose one another and how that impacts your power-struggles and your future marriage relationship.

Co-create a purposeful vision for your future marriage relationship. Find a solution for differing opinions with kindness and charity. Learn how to hold onto the ardor and affection that initially attracted you to each other. Discover the depth of the marriage theology of the Catholic Church. Uncover a passageway to emotional healing and spiritual growth within your relationship.

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The parish provides breakfast, lunch, and beverages. If you have special dietary needs, please alert us and feel free to bring whatever you need.

Dress is casual, comfortable and we suggest wearing layers in case of varying room temperatures. Bring a willing attitude and open heart. Feel free to bring pillows or anything else you need for your comfort.

Texas Hill Country Marriage Retreat

Cana Engagement is a non-residential retreat, which allows you the freedom to sleep in the comfort of your own home or at a local hotel of your choosing. Lunch is 1 hour and there are breaks scheduled throughout the retreat.

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Please plan to attend the entire weekend, as each section of the workshop builds upon the preceding section, thus arriving on time and being present for each part of the retreat is vital. Cana Communication. Cana Commandments. Our marriage intensive is for couples in severe crisis.

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Not every marriage is on the rocks, but everyone can benefit from boosting their marriage out of the realm of mediocrity. Is your marriage in a place of trouble? Information, tips and marriage counseling may not be enough. Only God can bring about everlasting heart change. But the great news is that He wants us to participate alongside Him. Our role is very intentional, to co-labor with God while He does the heart work, and The Hideaway provides the four core foundational pillars to create the experience.

This experience gave me hope that honesty and trust can be restored. That we can be whole individuals and have peace in our home and marriage.

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We have found our safe place. I came here skeptical and nervous about the experience, but I prayed the Lord would reveal to me a truth. The old marriage is dead and a new one was born.

Premarital Couples Retreat

The saying the Lord kept telling me was be still and know. My husband and I walked in broken from an affair. I was expecting to work on that one sin and instead we worked on the pain cycle that we were going through every time we fought. This experience not only taught us how to grow through this affair, but also how to handle daily life together.