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If you can find a rebuild kit and link it, I would be forever in your debt. I have bought two of those China carbs so far, when I first started having leaking issues with this carb. The issue with the China carbs is tuning.

Tip for Installing a Mikuni VM Carburetor on a Stock Honda CB350

I have gone through buying 2 carbs and 3 sets of jet kits and finally gave up on getting jets to fit in a China carb. Some of those cheap ebay rebuild kits are parts for the cheap china clone carbs. Might be some parts in there you can use but any precision parts can have questionable tolerances.

Carb is from a XRR. Numbers are provided for the gasket set, etc. Honda Partshouse.

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You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Search In. I have exhausted all my searches. Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Newsletter. Keihin Help. The round tags — quadrajets were pressed into an indent in the side of the bowl directly behind the primary throttle arm. Roll stamps: Beginning in , all Rochester carburetors were "roll stamped" with the identification number on the side of the bowl. These are "stamped" or "recessed" numbers, not "raised" as discussed below.

Motorcycle Carb Identification

Other identification numbers: A very few 4G Series carburetors in only were stamped with the last 4 digits of the identification number on top of the air horn. Very early B series have the last 2 digits of the identification number stamped on the airhorn. Casting raised numbers: Raised numbers appearing on various castings are so-called "casting" numbers. A casting could be machined into different parts.

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ALL have the same casting number. Carter built quadrajets: Carter Carburetor Company of St. Louis produced millions of quadrajets under license from GM from through These carburetors carry the exact same identification as their Rochester counterparts, and parts are directly interchangeable. Carter also produced "aftermarket" replacement quadrajets, which will be identified by the traditional Carter part number 4 digits, followed by the letter "S". An example of this numbering system would be S, which is identical except for the number to The Schebler Carburetor Company started producing carburetors about Example: DX The model is D and the number is Application information on most Schebler carburetors is difficult to find.

Also, Schebler made replacement carburetors in the same models as original equipment carburetors. We do have Schebler information on quite a few models L and R, but unable to determine if these were used as original equipment or aftermarket. Listed below are Schebler models of which I am aware, and year ranges these were produced. The following applies to Stromberg-USA carburetors, and does not apply to Stromberg carburetors produced elsewhere:.

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  7. Others were stamped on the airhorn. After this trend was reversed, and most carburetors were stamped on the top surface of the airhorn along one of the edges. Replacement carburetors produced during this period were generally identified by tag only although a few replacements were stamped.

    A second change would be B. Stromberg used both rectangular held in place by a screw and round riveted in place tags during this period, on those units which were tagged. Stromberg carburetors produced prior to can easily be identified as to type, as it is cast onto the carburetor; however complete identification is impossible unless one has prior knowledge of the carburetor being identified; and can be quite difficult and time consuming for even someone with the original prints.

    The following applies to Zenith-USA carburetors, and does not apply to Zenith carburetors produced in elsewhere:.

    Carburetor - Wikipedia

    Zenith carburetors produced from about to have a round tag, approximately the size of a US dime, riveted to the body of the carburetor. Original equipment carburetors will have two numbers stamped on this tag. The outer circle will be the O. The inner circle will be the Zenith number. Aftermarket carburetors made during this period will have the Zenith part number only on the tag.

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    Zenith carburetor produced after about will not have the round tag, but will have a tiny number stamped never raised in a semi-circle on the body of the carburetor. My personal '75 GL show bike has flawless, near-linear carburetion…rheostat-like throttle response, no flat spots, starts easily, warms up fast enough and has a decent idle. My carbs are stock except for a few minor tweaks I make on all the carbs I service. I've owned and ridden many bikes. I believe the stock setup on a GL, properly maintained and tuned delivers results as good as you can reasonably expect on a 4 cylinder, 4 carb bike of this vintage with this level of performance.

    Carb Quick Guide

    If your carbs are clean I mean REALLY , all your vacuum hoses are good, your air-cut off valve fresh, choke linkage free, butterfly pivots not worn out, floats set and operating correctly, vacuum pistons free, air and fuel filters fresh and you've synchronized AFTER all other tune-up issues are perfect, you should have excellent results. By the way, all bets are off if you've replaced the OEM exhaust with something else.

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