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With Labour on 24 per cent and the Lib Dems on 20 per cent, the Electoral Calculus website suggests a Brexit alliance would have an enormous majority in the Commons. The MP warned that a Commons confidence vote could only be weeks away, and said a number of Tories had been 'putting out feelers' to Mr Farage about a pact for 'months'. Former minister Crispin Blunt, who has previously urged an arrangement with the Brexit Party, told MailOnline Mr Johnson had taken a 'very important judgement' by publicly rejecting a deal, but suggested he would have to think again.

He added: 'Are they really interested in Brexit, or are they interested in damaging the Conservative Party? The figure could rise to if the new group performed particularly well in seats lower on its target list. The election result leaves the Government side with and opposition with These totals do not include Sinn Fein's seven MPs, who do not take their seats in the Commons, and the Speaker and three Deputy Speakers, who do not vote. In theory, the Tories would have comfortably won the Brecon by-election if they were in a pact with the Brexit Party.

Mr Clevery refused to blame Mr Davies for the loss, describing him as an 'incredible local candidate'. Mr Cleverly said the pro-EU parties had done a 'dirty deal', but admitted the alliance was allowed within the rules. He stressed that the combined votes for Brexit were still more than for Remain parties. Mr Cleverly said the parliamentary maths had been difficult for the Tories since the election, and urged MPs to get behind the PM. The vote shows the scale of the job Mr Johnson still has to do with 90 days to go until Britain is due to leave the EU.

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Dr Phillip Lee, who supports a second EU referendum, suggested he will 'spend the summer' deciding whether to cross the floor. Speaking on a podcast with fellow Tory Remainer Sam Gyimah, Dr Lee said: 'I'm really not comfortable about my party pushing for no-deal Brexit without proper consent of the public. But party politically I think it's narrowing our base in a way that I don't see how we win elections.

It's just simple reality. A defection would leave Mr Johnson leading a minority government. Instead of the current wafer-thin advantage of one in the Commons, Opposition parties would have one more MP in the House.

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It will inevitably fuel speculation about a pact between the Conservatives and Nigel Farage's party if a general election is forced over the coming months. Ms Dodds, 55, who secured a majority of 1, after a 'Remain alliance' with Plaid and the Greens cleared the way for her to take on the Tories, said the result was 'sending a message to Westminster that we demand better'.

She said: 'People are desperately crying out for a different kind of politics. There is no time for tribalism when our country is faced with a Boris Johnson Government and the threat of a no-deal Brexit.

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There was more bad news for Jeremy Corbyn as Labour's Tom Davies was humiliatingly beaten into fourth place by the Brexit Party's Des Parkinson and narrowly avoided losing his deposit. Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said: 'We are thankful to Plaid Cymru and the Green Party for putting the national interest first and not contesting this by-election.

Phillip Lee said he 'spend the summer' thinking about his future. If he follows through on the threat, Mr Johnson's wafer-thin majority of one would be eradicated. Instead, Opposition parties would have one more MP in the House of Commons than commanded by the government. Tory 'spartan' Steve Baker said the Brecon result had demonstrated that the Brexit Party standing against all Conservatives would be a 'massive own goal'.

Jane Dodds centre won the Brecon by-election for the Lib Dems with a majority of 1,, and said the result was 'sending a message to Westminster that we demand better'. Disgraced expenses cheat Tory Chris Davies, whose conviction and expulsion via a recall petition forced the summer vote, held on to second. Labour's Tom Davies was beaten into fourth place by the Brexit Party's Des Parkinson and narrowly avoided losing his deposit.

Ms Dodds was embraced by the Monster Raving Loony Party candidate after the result was read out in Welsh this morning. The vote in the Welsh borders constituency yesterday was sparked by the criminal conviction of Tory MP Chris Davies for expenses fraud in March and a subsequent recall petition. But the Tories' decision to allow the disgraced ex-MP to contest the seat despite local people voting to oust gave the Lib Dems the chance to win the seat. Defeat for the Tories in Brecon and Radnorshire reduces Mr Johnson's majority in the rebellious and fragmented Commons fall to just one - including the DUP - and add a Remainer to the force opposing him.

Turnout in the election in the UK's largest constituency was A Welsh Liberal Democrat source said they expected the result to be 'a lot closer than we thought' but was still confident of beating the Conservatives before the result came in. Monster Raving Loony Party candidate Lily the Pink centre left still had a smile on her face despite coming in fifth.

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She did beat the Ukip candidate. Boris Johnson pictured at Downing Street has crashed down to earth after the by-election reduced his Commons majority to just one. The source said: 'We are confident we can do this, but it isn't in the bag. It's a big majority we're looking to overturn across a big seat. Our campaign has put us in a good place. A Welsh Conservative Party source said they believed Boris Johnson's appointment as Prime Minister had boosted Brexiteer support for the party, saying the number of votes between them and the Lib Dems would be 'closer than people thought'. Mr Johnson has dramatically boosted the party's national ratings, with one poll yesterday suggesting it was 10 points ahead of Labour.

Mr Johnson's solemn 'do or die' vow to take the UK out of the EU by the end of October appears to have reversed some of the haemorrhage of support to Nigel Farage's fledgling outfit.

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The combined vote of the Tories and Brexit Party is more than that for the Lib Dems, an outcome that could heap pressure on the PM to consider a pact in a potential election widely expected within the next year. Mr Davies, 51, was picked by local members despite his conviction and a subsequent recall petition signed by 20 per cent of voters demanding he be ejected from the seat.

The Liberal Democrats were trying to not look complacent, talking about the size of the rural seat making its doorstep efforts harder. The Brexit Party had been hoping to steal votes from disaffected Tories with its candidate, former local police superintendent Mr Parkinson, The year-old speaks Welsh and was born and bred in Wrexham in the north of the country.

She has worked for the Refugee Council, specifically in the section that focuses on children. Pictured: Dodds after her win at Brecon and Radnorshire's by-election last night, where she reduced Johnson's majority to one. The social worker kicked off her political career in as she become one of three councillors for North Richmond ward in London. But she lost her seat in , when her party went into coalition with the Conservatives. She stood for her party in the and general elections and contested the Welsh Assembly constituency of Montgomeryshire in Her policies include a strong opposition to leaving the European Union without a trade deal in place.

She said that her first priority in negotiations with the bloc is that a no-deal Brexit is 'taken off the table'. But their showing will have disappointed Nigel Farage, coming way off where they will have wanted to have been. Six parties were contesting the by-election after Remainer parties pulled out to allow the Lib Dems a free run. The Brexit Party whose bus was in Llandrindod Wells yesterday, above had hoped to secure second place ahead of the Tories. A YouGov poll for the Times yesterday found the Tories had gained seven percentage points in support over the past week - and were 10 points ahead of Labour.


A swing of at least 9. It is the sort of swing which, were it to happen at a general election, could see the party pick up around a dozen seats from the Tories.

A poll of the area by the Number Crunching Politics website last week suggested that the Remainer party was on course to achieve a 14 per cent swing from the Tories to 43 per cent. On Monday a separate poll suggested the 'Boris bounce' had spread to Wales, finding the Tories had leapfrogged Labour. A survey found the Conservatives had jumped seven points since May on voting intention for a general election. Chris Davies secured a majority of more than 8, for the Tories at the general election, but was recalled after his conviction for expenses fraud.

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