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However, some webpages set up by hobbyists or enthusiasts of certain subject areas can be valuable topical web directories.

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These were all considered part of full Internet service. Also several free web hosting services such as Geocities provided free web space for personal web pages. These free web hosting services would typically include web-based site management and a few pre-configured scripts to easily integrate an input form or guestbook script into the user's site. Since the early s, the rise of blogging and the development of user friendly web page designing software made it easier for amateur users who did not have computer programming or website designer training to create personal web pages.

Some website design websites provided free ready-made blogging scripts, where all the user had to do was input their content into a template.

2. Personal website design for blogs

At the same time, a personal web presence became easier with the increased popularity of social networking services , some with blogging platforms such as LiveJournal and Blogger. These websites provided an attractive and easy-to-use content management system for regular users.

Most of the early personal websites were Web 1. About the only interaction that was possible on these early websites was signing the virtual " guestbook ". With the collapse of the dot-com bubble in the late s, the ISP industry consolidated, and the focus of web hosting services shifted away from the surviving ISP companies to independent Internet hosting services and to ones with other affiliations. For example, many university departments provided personal pages for professors and television broadcasters provided them for their on-air personalities. These free webpages served as a perquisite "perk" for staff, while at the same time boosting the Web visibility of the parent organization.

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Web hosting companies either charge a monthly fee, or provide service that is "free" advertising based for personal web pages. These are priced or limited according to the total size of all files in bytes on the host's hard drive, or by bandwidth , traffic , or by some combination of both. For those customers who continue to use their ISP for these services, national ISPs commonly continue to provide both disk space and help including ready-made drop-in scripts.

With the rise of Web 2.

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A key difference between Web 1. Many people maintain personal web pages to express their opinions on issues ranging from news and politics to movies or to serve as a showcase for their creative endeavors in writing, songwriting , poetry or music.

They also provide a link from the world to the individual and from the individual to the world along the lines of a telephone book listing. Some people use their personal web page as a communication method. For example, an aspiring artist might give out business cards with their personal web page, and invite people to visit their page and see their artwork, "like" their page or sign their guestbook.

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For users not well-versed in HTML and other Web technologies, personal accounts with social networking services may be faster to set up for creating a simple personal Web presence due in part to the communal nature of social networks , provided that the page's author does not object to the network's online advertising and in some cases exclusion of readers and browsers who do not wish to open an account.

Institutions such as universities often provide home page facilities to their members which are both advertisement-free and world-readable without registration, although the content might be subject to institutional rules e. A personal web page can be used for self promotion for a person's small business or entrepreneurial venture , to promote an amateur rock band they play in, to promote community activities or charitable causes they support, to provide quick access to information about the user, or just as something "cool" to do.

It also allows more freedom in types and quantity of content than a social network profile offers, [4] and can link various social media profiles with each other. It can be used to correct the record on something, or clear up potential confusion between you and someone with the same name.

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These pages would often contain links, to-do lists, and other information their author found useful. In the days when search engines were in their infancy, these pages and the links they contained could be an important resource in navigating the web.

In the s, some amateur writers, bands and filmmakers release digital versions of their stories, songs and short films online, with the aim of gaining an audience and becoming more well-known. While the huge number of aspiring artists posting their work online makes it unlikely for individuals and groups to become popular via the Internet, there are a small number of YouTube stars who were unknown until their online performances garnered them a huge audience. Both individual, personal web sites and personal social networking accounts give the user a personally customized Web presence.

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Yet that prerequisite in many cases is not required, as Web hosting services provide more help to enable regular users to create Web pages. Social networks often used prefabricated "black box" structures. On one hand, these templates are much easier for neophyte users to work with, since users simply have to add in information in spaces which indicate the required information. Once the user "saves" or finishes entering the information, the social network website's software system automatically creates a fairly professional-looking layout. For example, most social networks have rules regarding casual users who are uploading loading files onto the website audio files to their account.

Furthermore, these companies intentionally retain the specific service's look and feel and identity of each user personal account within that corporate social network. For example, all profiles may have the same background color, font and website trademark. The emphasis there is on being part of a branded "network," not on the "personal," or the individual. Thus, these accounts are not normally thought of as personal web sites or home pages. Nicolas Errera 7. Oasen 8. Name Our Ship 9.

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