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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas meets Larissa, who lives in the House of Old, when he is Before the Old are released, the elders tell the person's life story.

As a man, I take care of myself and I am looking for good conversations.

From there, we will see where things take us. I am an outgoing guy who is loyal, humble, and I have a great sense of humor. If you'd like to take a walk on the beach, I'm your man, During my time of incarceration I have gained my high school diploma and hope to gain a college degree as my next goal. I like to stay active with working out, bettering my performance of staying healthy.

I'm not closed-minded to trying new things and if it's interesting, I am always I'm glad you took the time out of your day and chose to view my profile, especially being one out of a million on here. I'll try my best to spark your interest and give you an experience that will separate me from the rest. First off, judgment will not be welcome hear. I'll admit, I'm far from perfect, but the flaws in a person creates character that makes Looks like you found me.

My name is Dru Alan DisPennett.

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I am 27 years old, born on November 11, I am French, German, and Irish. I have red hair and blue eyes. I am Oregon grown and Oregon raised, born in the city of Salem. I enjoy going on drives in the country to clear my mind. I am new to this pen-pal thing. So, here it goes. I am here to meet new Since we're off to a good start, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I've been called a bad boy with a good heart, but I'm really just a good guy with good morals and values. I've just made some bad decisions, obviously! Which is why I'm hoping to meet some down If my words somehow fail me… know that this is my first time doing something like this and my intentions are as good as yours!

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Before I give way to my innermost thoughts, I'd like to thank you for the empathy. For you to even consider befriending someone in a situation such as this, is complimentary within itself!

To say that I'm grateful is truly an understatement Staying active is important to me. I lift weights, run, do cardio, play racquetball, and practice yoga. I work in the eyeglass lab repairing and maintaining the machines and building. After work I volunteer for the hospice program. In my spare time I read and on occasion I write. I read novels like cops eat Crazy right? The obstacles life throws at us, but I don't consider myself a victim of a Justice system. But, rather a man cultivated by his conscious choices in life.

It's a transformation that is ongoing and ever evolving from a boy who forsake his future, by having a grim view and life, to a man who is ready to take the right steps to build a brilliant future. My profile text will be along shortly, but you don't need to wait for it.

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Please - write me today! Thanks, and please check back soon for my real profile text. As you can see I'm a proud black Dominican man in prison who is looking to get to know a good woman, who is looking for a good man who has been through it all. And who knows what a good woman can do for a good man. Or if you just need someone to listen to you, then don It's been 20 years since I was sentenced to die in the custody of the DOC.

Hello, world! Let me introduce myself, I'm an easy-going and intelligent guy.

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Fitness is my passion and I'm definitely a go-getter! I'm very optimistic and I have a positive personality. I'm a little bit of a rebel, but I enjoy pushing myself, in both mind and body to embrace the opportunities each day presents. I always look toward the future because I know that nothing is beyond my grasp!

Digital Darkness and Silence for Sex Offenders in the Information Age

Trying to introduce myself in words cannot sum me up. However, here is a simple synopsis of me. I am 26 years old. I landed on this I have been gone since September, This page is one of my only outlets to reach out to people and feel a sense of normalcy. Most people know me as a fighter. Right now, I am in the biggest fight of my life, fighting to get my life back. It is an uphill battle that can and will be won. If you're reading this it must mean that I am doing something right? This is my first time doing something like this.

To begin. I'm currently incarcerated for grand theft, there's nothing to be proud of or with but I own my mistake. I am easy going and can pick a conversation pretty well. I am a sportsman, I have to say Kevin Durant is my team Haha. Really, I I'm honest, humorous, adventurous, positive, fun, and loving. I'm very open-minded and look to find like-minded friends. I've done so much self growth and have matured into a man during my incarceration and I'm looking to serve the rest of my time and entering society with My name is Abel. If you're interested in writing someone who enjoys good conversation, ask questions that require thinking and genuinely wants to meet like minded people, surf no further.

I enjoy stimulating conversation, exercising and I'm a year-old Mexican American born in Miami, Florida. In my free time, I enjoyed furthering my drawing skills as a tattoos apprentice and taking photo's of the different beauties I'd come across whenever I I'm looking for someone special that can keep me company in this time of lostness to the outside world. Someone that needs my company as well as I need theirs.

I can speak more for myself once we I had to put that out there, for you taking the time out to browse my ad. I truly appreciate it. Now that you are here, I hope I can get a hit. I am laid back as a recliner, and cool as a breeze. I love to write, and look forward to meeting individuals who like to do the same.

Age and race does not matter, as long as you are sincere.

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