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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas meets Larissa, who lives in the House of Old, when he is Before the Old are released, the elders tell the person's life story.

And the adoption of three-link rigid-axle suspension with coil springs meant greater off-road stability and better traction, resulting in a more confidence-inspiring ride even during enthusiastic driving. Other features of this ground-breaking model included a newly designed ladder frame and newly adopted air-locking hubs, which allowed the driver to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive on the move.

This next-generation Grand Vitara inherited the originality of the Vitara series and represented an evolution that greatly boosted recognition of Suzuki sport utility vehicles.

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An exterior design that included wide treads, flared fenders, and large wheels gave the new Grand Vitara a look of sportiness, dynamism, and stability. The cabin design similarly gave a sense of sportiness and dynamism. For great performance, there was a choice of three petrol engines 1. High body rigidity was ensured by a built-in ladder frame. A four-mode 4x4 system accommodated diverse terrain. And newly specified multi-link rear suspension combined outstanding off-road handling with improved on-road stability.

History in the U.S.

The fresh, new crossover design of the Suzuki XL7 was a step ahead of conventional styling for sport utility vehicles and clearly distinguished the XL7 from the earlier Grand Vitara XL7. A newly developed high-power 3. Also, a change from a ladder frame to a monocoque body and a change from a part-time four-wheel drive system to an electronically controlled all-wheel drive system realized superior ride comfort and handling stability.

In , Suzuki launched the SX4, which has been developed under the copcept of "X-over revolution".

What Is Four-Wheel Drive?

This is a 4WD system designed to assess the road surface and driving situation based on information from a range of sensors. It precisely and instantly allocates drive power to the rear wheels by an electronically controlled wet-type multi-plate clutch coupling in which the degree of magnetic clutch action is modulated to match traction needs. Moreover, the driver can select the driving mode from among three: 4WD Auto mode which automatically controls the drive power in accordance with changes in conditions, 2WD mode which limits the drive power to the front wheels, and 4WD Lock mode which pre-allocates ample torque to the rear wheels to nearly proportion.

This provides flexibility to choose whether to emphasise fuel economy or the ability to handle difficult conditions. In , the i-AWD system was further refined and incorporated into the Kizashi. A new feedforward control feature was added to optimally allocate torque, before any front wheel slippage is detected, to the rear wheels in response to road surface conditions and the way the vehicle is driven.

Top 10: The pioneering SUVs that started it all

This has resulted in far smoother takeoff, acceleration and cornering. This improves driving stability by totally monitoring the drive conditions based on steering angle and yaw rate sensors, and synergetically controlling the i-AWD and EPS electric power steering systems. The allgrip not only offers improved 4WD performance but also brilliantly combines three values in great demand today: Fun to drive, Peace of mind, and High fuel-efficiency.

In , All-New Vitara made its debut at Mondial de l'automobile de Paris , and added to the lineup of the allgrip debuted in SX4 S- cross and has since earned a great reputation. Cutting-edge allgrip four-wheel drive system delivers driving pleasure and peace of mind in diverse conditions while promoting economy and limiting the burden four-wheel drive cars place on the environment.

The Birth of Four-wheel Drive - 4x4 Documentary - Documentary Films

With nearly 50 years of experience, Suzuki redefined our 4WD technology under the allgrip name to provide even more confidence, satisfaction, and a broader horizon to all of our customers. Suzuki is now making it possible for each customer to choose an allgrip variant that best suits their lifestyle by announcing the following three subcategories:. We take our offroading seriously, and as true enthusiasts we love to know everything there is to know about this wonderful sport.

Surprisingly, 4WD technology has been around since the steam age, but not as we know it today. Way back in the depths of time, long before the internet was invented imagine that!

Jeep History in the s - Jeep Australia

The isolation was often unavoidable, a lack communications networks meant that two inventors might work concurrently on similar projects, totally oblivious that elsewhere someone had the same great plans. The secrecy, however, was often very much necessary, as it meant that an inventor could get a concept patented before anyone else stole their idea.

Therefore the early years of four-wheel drive technology are decidedly murky, especially when it come to exact dates and details. What we do know is that four-wheel drive systems were first designed for much heavier machinery than passenger cars. Most sources agree that the first ever patent submitted for a four-wheel drive system was by one Bramah Joseph Diplock, a British engineer, in His system was designed for use on a steam-powered traction engine an early predecessor of the tractor , which was built in the following years, but exactly when is unknown.

A 25 year old engineer from Germany designed and produced the next known 4WD vehicle for the World Expo in Paris.

Historic Four-Wheel-Drive Wagons

Ferdinand Porsche whose surname you may have come across in the automotive world! The first people to make the inspired decision to fit an internal combustion engine with four-wheel drive were a pair of the Dutch brothers, the Spijkers. Earlier this month, the automaker announced that the van will come with available all-wheel drive for the model year.

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First, some context. The full-size recreational van market in the U. The Transit was introduced in the U. While it caught on in a wide range of industries—from delivery companies to airport-shuttle services to RV upfitters—the Transit was not available with all-wheel drive. This changes with the updated Transit.

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That said, it will have selectable modes for muddy, rutted, or slippery surfaces that should make up slightly for its mechanical shortcomings.