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Pick your number, build your identity. Texting, calling, and voicemail included. Reliability you can trust. Number Porting Transfer an existing 2nd number from another device or landline. Group Messaging Add multiple people to the same conversation. The more the merrier. Voicemail to Text Automatic transcriptions let you read your voice messages on the go. Use Your Minutes Sideline calls use minutes from your carrier plan, which are likely unlimited. Custom Voicemail Record and manage multiple personalized or professional greetings.

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Business Texting. Reach customers on their terms. Respond faster. Text as a team. Unlimited Texting There are no messaging caps.

Branded Messages Add an image or logo to your texts or auto-replies for a branded experience. SMS Messaging Customers don't need a special app to text your business, just a cellphone. Group Messaging Add multiple contacts, colleagues, or clients to the same conversation.

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MMS Messaging Send pictures and visual updates of invoices, projects, or anything else. Auto-Reply Automatically respond to missed calls or texts whenever you're busy. Sideline automates communication whenever you're busy. Save time, gain customers.

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Build your brand. Customize away. Auto-Reply to Calls When enabled, you'll respond to any missed call. Auto-Reply to Texts When enabled, you'll respond to any inbound text. Customize Content Include things like store hours, location, or other info people regularly call about. Reply to Any Cellphone Auto-replies can be sent to any mobile phone number in the U. Landlines Go to Voicemail When a landline number calls, they'll simply hear your regular voicemail. Team Number If Auto-Reply starts a conversation, anyone on your team can finish it.

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Sideline lets you team up and share responsibility for one line of communication. Put one number on multiple phones. Work better together. Let productivity ring. Keep reading to find out how to connect with UK-based friends, family, and professional contacts within minutes! Table of Contents:. You will need to follow a handful of simple steps to reach a landline in the United Kingdom. First, to dial the UK from the US, enter the digits This exit code signals that you are making a call outside of the United States. Some cellphones require you to use this single key. Secondly, enter the UK country code: Entering the country code will allow you to get through to any UK-based phone number.

Note that area codes in the UK have as little as two, or as many as five, digits. Enter only the subsequent numbers. All other codes can be found by doing a simple internet search :.

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Including the area code, the complete phone number should have 10 digits. An example mobile phone number in the UK would be:. With these steps, you should be able to get through to any active landline in the UK from the United States. Calling a cellphone in the UK is as easy as dialing a landline. Here are the step-by-step instructions for dialing a cellphone in the UK:.

After dialing the exit code, enter in Instead of dialing a location-specific area code, enter the number 7.

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Enter the remaining portion of the phone number. For a cellphone, this should be 9 digits. Many businesspeople in the United States of America make frequent calls to England and other countries in the United Kingdom, as the two regions share economic interests and cultural similarities. The simplest, most economical way to call the UK on a regular basis is by using the Nextiva App.

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The Nextiva app also includes a highly customizable contact database and many other useful business features. To begin making calls to the United Kingdom on a regular basis, click here. Here are the steps to take when making a call on the Nextiva App:. Compare this to the six time zones across the continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii:. To understand these differences, take a look at this example of what they mean in real time:.

For example, if it is 10 pm in the UK, it would be:. Note: Make sure to double check these time differences before you place a call, as Daylight Savings Time in the US may affect them. As you can see, the time differences between the United States and the UK are significant.