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GroupWise Web Access User Guides

When calendaring between different systems e. Sending an event invite to an " groups.

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From March 1 - March 31, if an Office user receives an event invitation from anr external calendar system, the event time will be one hour behind. Email clients that are configured via IMAP will experience a variety of limitations and performance issues. If throttling occurs when you are attempting to move mail, you may lose messages. For information on how to avoid this issue, click here. If you have a client configured via IMAP, Outlook on the web will show drafts of messages you have already sent in message threads.

How to Configure GroupWise on Android

For information on how to improve your IMAP client's performance, click here. Due to the issues listed above, configuring a client via IMAP is not recommended. However, it takes a few moments for this setting to be enabled, meaning that for the first five or so minutes after creation, the service account will be displayed in the GAL. When a service account is hidden from the GAL, the only way to subscribe to its calendar is to use the Add calendar option within the email invitation that is sent as a result of the service account sharing it's calendar. Problem with resource calendars not automatically processing event invitations and cancellations.

When changing your NetID password, you must ensure that you update your clients and mobile devices accordingly and restart them because Office has no facility to terminate active client sessions.. So you might want to notify your network admin.

The other option that I find very useful is to setup your Groupwise account in Mail as an imap account. I do this and I can see all of my folders in the cabinet, just as I would at work. It IS a problem with the server.

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They fixed it with Groupwise 6. Looking forward to Brainshare in March. Hopefully they have the OS X Java client ready. How exactly does one set Mail to check Groupwise Webaccess email? Do I need to get some information from the IT folks? Thanks in advance. Yes, you definitely have to contact your IT people to get the server addresses. But, once you've set it up, it's really slick. I am a lone Mac in a sea of Windows and have suffered using Groupwise WebAccess to get email at work.

Use Safari with Novell Groupwise WebAccess - Mac OS X Hints

If there is any info you could pass on to help me set up Mail to get work email I would love to be able to quit using the buggy Groupwise WebAccess! My problem is the IT Dept. So if I was armed with as much info as possible maybe I could convince them to help me. They know nothing about Macs. Any suggestions as to how or where to educate myself would be a great hint! Thanks, Hoosker.

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  • Would it be possible to add display options to how conversation threads are displayed? For example, rather than having the latest message at the bottom, could it be Users having all rights add, edit, delete to a shared folder need the functionality to create subfolders beneath. Have a great idea to improve GroupWise?

    Can I Tell If Email I Sent Has Been Read by the Recipient?

    Tell us your idea! Page 5. Votes 4. Vote for. Comments 1 by: Madhan P. Votes Comments 1 by: Mike B. One-click Unread mail filter When viewing my mailbox in the GroupWise client I want an Unread option that I can click and it will filter the mailbox and show me only the unread items. Comments 3 by: Mike B.

    Email tracing: Trace any email to know actual sender -- 2019

    Edit quick response list Would be useful to edit the quick response entries, both for individual clients or control an entire PO. Comments 4 by: Jon B. Votes 3. Comments 2 by: Susanne M. Votes 7. Threaded Conversation Reply Default Setting At the moment we have to change from "reply to all" to "reply to sender" in conversation thread. Comments 1 by: Michael W. Ability to lock GroupWise mailbox email columns Our users frequently remove inbox email columns when they attempted to sort by a particular column by clicking on it.