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If you have multiple connections established, they will all show up here. Basically, you just click on the server to begin the process. Next, you browse for the file and then the Excel Data set is loaded, similar to the illustration below. One item to note, when you are attempting to retrieve a SSRS dataset, the dataset must have been created using the Report Builder version 3. You also must be careful to not use overly large datasets at this time. I ran into issues with a dataset of about , rows.

Now that the data sets are loaded, we can now "attach" or connect a dataset to a particular visualization. As shown below and still within the data tab, you will select the visualization you would like the data to be attached to. Remember, the simulated or sample data is used by default. The options available for each visualization depend on the visualization type. The second screen print is for the column chart; the publisher takes certain liberties to assume which field is the date field for the time service.

You must then select the source data set, 2 in the second screen print and then the field for the measures, 3 in the second screen print. You would follow a similar process for each visualization. We are finally ready to review our work via the preview option.

Connecting to SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

The grid design that is selected, right arrow in the below screen print, controls the preview you will see. Our last steps are to deploy our newly developed report to the Report Server. This process is achieved by using the Save As button.

Cannot connect to SQL Server - how to fix cannot connect to MS SQL Server error

The Report Name will be prefilled if a Report Title has been filled in on the settings tab. The server is the connection we created earlier in the tip. We can use the location field to save the report to a particular folder. When complete, we select save. Notice in the below screen print, our report appears along with a thumbnail of the report itself in the Master Grid design.

Using the Chrome developer mode, we can also preview how the report appears on a tablet, shown next. The tool allows us to develop SSRS reports which are formatted just for report viewing on a tablet or phone. The tool allows for the creation of a master grid design and then a design for tablets and a design for phones.

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To complete the process, we must connect to a dataset which has been previously create and saved on the report server or, alternately, a local Excel File can be used. Once the data set is established, each visualization can be "attached or connected" to the dataset, and certain key field assigned to data points for the visualization.

The Mobile Report Publisher is an exciting tool in the Microsoft BI stack; I hope to complete some future tips describing the various visualizations available and what settings can be used to customize those visualizations. Of course, please note that at this time, all the tools for SQL Server are in beta or preview mode.

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Reporting Services Configuration Manager (Native Mode)

Note: your email address is not published. Signup for our newsletter. I have read the privacy statement and understand I may unsubscribe at any time. I would check on the health of your Report Server database and whether the server has sufficient space. Please help to resolve. Add data from server Could not add data An error occurred within the report server database. This may be due to a connection failure, timeout or low disk condition within the database. I have not seen that issue with only one visual showing up.

I would definitely log a Connect issue. I have a weird issue. My mobile report works perfect in the Mobile Report Publisher. It contains 2 charts. But once I publish it, the one one time chart shows the no data icon. If I remove the other chart, and republish, it works fine. This make so sense. Seems like a bug or something. Great article and walkthrough. Any chance you know of any prebuilt reports our there that will use either the adventure works sample db or the new World Wide Importers db?

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Trying to show proof of concept work for internal staff so we can get buy in for working on new projects without having to spend too much time creating something from scratch. I know there were reports in we could use for Adventure Works that were great for proof of concept, but now that has come out they want to know all the bells and whistles provides.

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Any help is appreciated, thanks. That is my understanding, that you should be able to convert to SQL Hello Scott, I was curious if you can confirm something for me. Any assistance is greatly appreciated! I see the report, but it's in the Portal. Can we run mobile reports in the way we run paginated reports, thus no Report manager is shown? I do not believe that functionality is available like it is on paginated reports. I have read that your requested functionality may be on the product roadmap. You will need to check with MS on that I am just the messenger.

It says: " Now when someone selects a value in your report, the dataset is queried again with the parameter value to return the appropriate result set. My question is, how is it possible to take parameters from external like it is possible in the paginated reports? Lets say I create a smartphone app and add mobile reports. Hi Reza, This is by design behaviour. Hence, you are not able to see them!! All services now operate with the MobileBIService.

How to create a Mobile Dashboard with SQL Server Microsoft Mobile Publisher?

Just deploy this war file in the webapps folder. Blackberry or Non BB deployments wont need any Mobile configuration utility tool now. Every thing would be taken care by the MobileBIService. Alert Moderator. You already have an active moderator alert for this content. Rebecca Morris. Kind Regards Rebecca.

Former Member Former Member. The preview shows not just the layout, but populates the various components with data. The Sales Details area can be scrolled up and down to look at values.

But where did it get the data from? Click the arrow to the left of the report title New Mobile Report in the previous image to return to the designer.

SQL Server Reporting Services Mobile Report

The next step is to add real data to the report. Click on the Data button in the button bar. The main area shows the data for each dataset. Datasets can be selected by using the lower tabs highlighted in red in the above image. The properties pane on the bottom is used to tie each report element, on the left, to a dataset. To change the dataset for a report element, simply click on an element in the elements pane on the left. Then in the properties area the various data properties can be set. Right now, the data area is showing sample data. Each report element contains a sample dataset of its own.

This allows you to get a realistic feeling of how the report will look like. Click on the Add data button on the top right. You will then be prompted for the source, Excel or a Report server. Next, you will be show a list of servers the report knows about.