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Most, but not all, of the state and local laws are limited to potential public employees.

Many private employers are leery of joining the movement. And for good reason, according to business and human resource leaders, citing potential security or liability issues.

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Recently, Wichita, Kansas-based Koch Industries announced that it was no longer asking job seekers about their criminal history on applications. The nationwide movement started in by previously incarcerated Americans, attempting to eliminate employer prejudice against qualified job applicants with conviction histories.

The record will be discovered at a later stage, after a background check is completed. Within the last five years, Cincinnati and Hamilton County removed questions about criminal arrests and convictions from their job applications. A bipartisan bill pending in the Ohio Legislature would do the same for all potential public employees across Ohio, but not for people seeking private employment. Stephen Johnson Grove, the Cincinnati-based deputy director of the Ohio Justice and Policy Center, said the Ohio ban could help people with criminal records to be defined by their capabilities and personality, rather than their criminal past.

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Private employers decline to go on the record. Privately-owned companies, however, have been slower to ban the box.

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Some are reluctant to talk to about whether they might or have. Hoskins works with employers and the criminal justice system to ensure the transition of county offenders to the community, specifically in getting them jobs. It can be a difficult task getting some offenders to transition back into the community, Hoskins said, who is skeptical about the ultimate success of the ban the box movement.

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Do I think it will usher in big changes for the community? District Home.

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